Unlocking Your Akashic Records


Journey into your Akashic Records to discover the source of the cycles, patterns and cords & contracts that are binding you and keeping you from feeling free and finding your forward momentum! 


Shannon Laurel

What are the Akashic Records?

Go Beyond time... to a place that is often described as a ‘cosmic library’, to a place where all the important details you have experienced in this lifetime, in past lifetimes and in the future are gathered like storybooks!

  • Discover where you have made oaths or agreements that seemed like “a good idea” at the time, but now need to be removed from your history. 

  •  Has a curse been placed upon your family line that needs to be reversed?

  •   Identify unhealthy patterns that have been passed down through family lines that are ready to be released.

  •  Does it feel like you’ve known a person before?  When have you met them before and how does it affect you now? 

  • Is a former loved one still hanging onto you because they don’t want to let go?  Are you still hanging onto someone?  Can we cut these ties and set both of you free?

  • Where else in time have you been having the same disagreements with the same person, maybe from another lifetime, and it seems to be a never-ending drama?

All of these current life and past life events and experiences are ready to be cleared and the books are ready to be closed!

Let's Go Beyond!

How Do Your Past Lives Still Affect You Today?


  • You are a hot mess because of circumstances that you thought were beyond your control

  • You noticed that there are repeating patterns to things that keep happening in your life

  • You keep thinking "Karma's a B*tch!"  

  •  You have memories or dreams that seem so real… like total déjà vu

  •  You may have had sudden feelings of fear, anxiety or pains in your body for no apparent reason

  • You feel like there are blockages in your chakras

Any of these could be one (or more) of your past lives blocking you and keeping you a slave to your past without you even knowing why or how.

So, what do we do?

We go Beyond your past and clear out the Karma, and baggage, and get you moving forward to feeling better so you can find more ease in life!

What Clients are Saying...



I can breath again!


I went in for some healing work on my knees and ended up clearing and healing multiple lifetimes, and things from this lifetime that were all connected in a way I never could have accessed solely on my own.

 Shannon is so skilled at tuning into what is stuck in the body from this lifetime, past lifetimes and masterfully clearing and dissolving it all with love and compassion.

 After my sessions with her, I felt so FREE, unbound, and untethered from old cords, contracts and oaths. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my chest and shoulders and I can literally breathe in more life than I have in a very long time.

 All of this has tapped me back into my true nature - as a radiant, sovereign, and abundant being who is fully in my power!

 Thank you, Shannon!

 Nicole Rose

Creation Coach & Soul Embodiment Guide

...a huge energy release...


My session with Shannon was a powerful experience in release. 

If you are looking to move some stuck energy then I highly suggest working with Shannon.  She was able to guide me through a huge energy release where I was able to actually feel and see the energy trying to pull me backwards. 

Shannon is able to explain and direct the session in a gentle and concise manner that makes you instantly feel held and at ease and I am grateful to have had this experience with her. 

After our session I felt lighter, and in the days following the session, I definitely noticed greater clarity and awareness throughout my day. 

Thank you Shannon!

Kayla K.


Show Me How!

 Let the Magic Begin!

 Collapsing the outdated Records in this lifetime and in past lives causes the changes to ripple through time and space to clear up the present.  This creates an energetic space for your healing to begin, and clears up the energetic spaces within your body. 

 As the layers come off, you begin to feel lighter and clearer, pains go away, you notice how relationships suddenly change for the better, and you notice how the world starts to work for you and not against you. 

Hello Friends!

My clients often describe me as a healer with a gentle and steady presence, and I love to take a playful and magical approach to reading the Akashic Records to help you tap into your inner wisdom and find the answers you need to move forward in your life.

 Let’s go Beyond and venture into the cosmic library to rearrange the stories of your lives to make more sense in the present.  We will tidy up some messes from the past, and dust off the magic of who you are so we can bring back a sense of peace, add some playfulness back in and that spark of magic! 

Go Beyond What You Thought Was Possible!

Please email me directly with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Thank you and I'm excited to meet you soon!


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